Bored of the same illustrations that look like they could have been done by a circus hyppopotamus? (No offense to hyppopotami. Some excellent content creators amongst them:)  Had enough of the same design choices and overused templates that every single artist seems to use?

With me, you can choose your own adventure. Bring in your most intricate and complex design requests, and I'll turn them into a high-definition masterpiece. 
Do not settle for cheap, plain, boring art any longer. Let me help you create your next illustration and leave everyone else wondering who did your work!

So, in other words, I can draw for you.

Art makes our world go round. I know, because I’ve seen it. The right illustration can turn a good book into a bestseller or a new product into the hottest thing in town. As an experienced artist, I have illustrated everything from sci-fi to children’s books and I'm ready to do the same for you.

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My work is based on the belief that there is nothing more magical than a custom illustration. And that there is nothing more frustrating than having your vision buried under an avalanche of fees, additional charges and other costs. That's what I want to save you from.

I know what you do not need:
* Overcharging for what you want.
* An awkward, long-spaced back and forth before you can get it done
* Someone who can't understand your needs.

Here is what I do:

* I make something beautiful for you to share with the world.
* Provide affordable, unique services tailored to your needs.
* Helping you capture every detail in perfect HD quality.


Style Variants

After hearing your request, I draw in two different styles close to what you asked and let you choose whichever you like best. Fe. Manga vs. Disney, etc


Composition Approval

Before I proceed with the line art/inking or painting, I will send you a rough sketch so you can determine if or not you like the elements and the composition as drawn. This step eliminates the need for later changes. 


Font, Layout,Sizing

Extra features available only in the Full Service package, allows you to decide on the fonts/ typography, mis-en-page text+illustration and I will size the work specifically for your needs. In case you want to change colors and rectify things, you are covered too :) as I will make changes as needed until you are satisfied.